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a newly established high-tech entity, with independent research and development, production and a number of patented technologies and innovation.

We manufacture Faux Wall Panels & Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Panels & Films
Proudly, Made in USA

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World Best

Eco - Friendly Panels

  • Beautiful, Durable, 20 Years + Warranty

  • Most economical panels in the market today 

  • Available in USA now

  • Now make your projects complete easily with our manufacturing pricing.

  • Contractors, Wholesalers & Distributors are welcome.

  • Sample are available (Order Samples)

  • Save time in installation costs

  • Durable & Provides best insulation

Unique solution

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Why Choose Us ?

We Manufacturer World Best Beautiful, Durable, Designer Faux Stone | Brick | Wood | Rock | Panels

Natural Designs

Wall Panels give your house a stone or tile outlook, bring natural tinges without using stone or tile.

Excellent Durability

Wall Panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, UV, Chemicals, Moisture and Algae resistance.

Wide Range of Applications

Wall Panels can be applied to a Variety of housing style, such as villas, townhouses, holiday Villas, Sauna Rooms, Shops, etc

Easy Installation

Use ordinary carpenter's tools, industrial adhesive & finishing nails. 

Custom Details

Color & final finish is applied by hand giving every product we manufacture

Low Maintenance

Clean with mild soap & water; light pressure wash resistant; can be repainted or stained

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